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Guest House Management (Non-Commercial Houses)

  • Initial property visit along with owner / representatives
  • Recording “as it is” scenario of the property
  • Periodical monitoring & recording of present current conditions of the property and all facilities & reporting
  • On-boarding & off-boarding owners and guests
  • Periodical dusting
  • Service charges shall be fixed based on property size or on a lump sum basis + Taxes and to be paid at the beginning
  • GHM services are provided as monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual modules and they can be renewed as per their requirements before the 15 days of their expiry
  • On-boarding / Off-boarding guests service is applicable during working hours & for non-working hours requests, additional charges shall be applicable
  • Dusting shall be done before and after guest’s visit (upon notice of 48hrs)
  • Dusting service can be done only for neatly maintained properties, or we can perform only after “Deep-Cleaning service” must be taken from us which is a paid service
  • Security patrolling shall be done once a week
  • We shall not be responsible for any appliance’s repairs/damages during our service period to the property
  • We engage only qualified professionals on all services

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